Reading Multiple lines in Excel. PLEASE HELP

I am looking for a solution that will allow my Bot to be able to process a multiple lines Credit memo and input each line of data into our ERP system. Currently the Bot will process the first line of Data in the Excel document but Closes after that. PLEASE HELP I have attached an example memo of the multiple lines.
Cleaners Supply 102018-0172.xls (42.5 KB)

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If you could count the rows which are not blank then use a for each loop to go through them, adding one to the counter each time?

Not sure how it would work exactly, so hopefully someone can come in and elaborate further!

Thank you. I will try this method

You could use the ReadRange component to read from “34A”. That will start at row 34 and take the rest of the document. Then loop over that.

Hi Thoy,

You could use named ranges for the data you would like to read from excel and specify the name in the ReadRange activity - Range property. Then use the datatable to loop thru and enter into ERP.

Hope this info helps!


Would you need to use a for each row option after creating a data table? I tried this method but for some reason I am unable to get it to work.

I hate the for each row because I cannot break out of it. Just use the regular foreach and loop over its DataRow objects. you transform your datatable into a list of datarows by calling datatable.AsEnumerable

you wouldn’t happen to have an example of this i could see would you?