Reading multiple excel file with password protected and save it another excel file

Dear community,

Currently, i try to explore on UiPath to read the multiple excel file with password proctected file and save the data in the new excel file.

May i know if there is any workflow that can i refer to for this issue?

Many thanks

Hi @SH_94
You can try the excel application scope, in that there is an option to enter password


or in workbook activities, u have the option to enter password

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Nived N


Below is my attached workflow. Could you please advise on how to edit the workflow so that i can save the data in another excel file?

Thank you. (23.2 KB)

for every file , there is unique pwd right ?


Sorry for the confusion, you may refer to the attached file below ( with password protected)

The password for each file is the same which is “abc” (23.7 KB)

Hi @SH_94
sorry for delay, u need to combine all excel data into single excel right?

Hi @SH_94
Kindly find the attached workflow (29.0 KB)


The combining of excel file i have did it ady. The part that i stuck is the reading the password proctected excel file and save it in other excel file. You may refer to the attached file below for reference.

I also went through the file provided and notice there is error as below:

May i know what is the activity being used in this case? (23.7 KB)

It is read range


Thank for the prompt response. Could you help me to look at the file that i shared below to open th password proctected file ?

Thank again. (23.7 KB)

Hi @SH_94

As i mentioned in below, you can add the password in password field of excel application scope. That is all is needed.