Reading large Excel files - out of memory

when i read 2 excel file with more then 300000 row throw exception Out of memory.
i used read range activity under excel scope or Read Range Application.
Kindly suggest any robust way to do.


Have you tried creating this as a separate file and then when you Invoke it select the option for Isolate?- this should create separate thread and then close it once the workflow has completed. Obviously ensure as many other applications are closed as possible as UiPath and Excel are fairly resource intensive.


The way to go with this is to read your file in batches of, let’s say, 50k rows.

I just wanted to add a little insight here.

You guys may already have had this insight … but I thought I would share.

I was getting an out of memory error message when reading 1000 rows … my mistake I think was to select the whole worksheet - I used double quotes ( “” ) to define the range. I think that using double quotes ( “” ) selects thousands of empty columns (that is my guess).

I fixed the problem by defining my range ( “A1:BX2078”) and that worked.

Hope that is useful to someone.