Reading Invoice with Invoice AI

Hi All,

I want to read a PDF through Invoice AI but when I am doing I am getting mission field in the Present Validation Station activity.

Please help me with what I am doing wrong here. - Order 408-6383724-5553908.pdf (98.6 KB)

Hi @Ritesh123

U can use read pdf with ocr activity instead of CV activity and do the string manipulations


Hi @AshwinS2,

I have to use Invoice AI activity with intelligent ocr because the amazon pdf is sample pdf. I have very complex pdf to extract the field from that.

If you want to get the efficient results, please go with python OCR which will read the screen very effectively. But as it is a PDF, try with both the OCR’s which are available for now and if you are not at all satisfied with the results, then we will think of an alternative to do that @Ritesh123

Hi @HareeshMR,

Can you please provide me a workflow which you are suggesting me?