Reading from CSV and writing to CSV a specified value

Im reading from a CSV, to find text on a webpage … which works I think :thinking:
What I need though is to write back the text it found on the webpage to the CSV in the already catered for column and also the word “Yes” in the adjacent column (also already catered for called Match)
My flow is as follows:
Read CSV
Text exists: dtprice.Rows(1).ItemArray(0).ToString()
F3 (for good measure but was hoping the highlight would work but it didn’t) - is this necessary?
Now I am stuck …
Write back this “existing text” in the correct csv column - how?
then write the word “yes” in the adjacent column - how?

here is an extract of my csv file:

10 Mbps / 100GB,R599,per month x 24 Months,HG659 Router Included,

Can nobody assist with this?

If these are the headers of the columns, probably this will throw an error

A Column "Match" already belongs to the table....

If you have unchecked the Include Column Names property then that works fine :slight_smile:


If below is the table format, (Static always)

Data ebu Match Price ebu Match Duration ebu Match Router ebu Match

Read the excel without headers so that it has default columnIndices

Column0 Column1 Column2 Column3 Column4 Column5 Column6 Column7 Column8 Column9 Column10 Column11

So if you wanna update column match that is next to Data ebu columns then assign

dt.Rows(0)("Column2").TOstring  = "YES"

Hope you can build from here. Let us know if there is an error/issues :slight_smile: