Reading from CSV and typing into WebCRM


I was creating different examples on recording and csv possibly add more. I want to fill the SuitCRM demo application’s Account fields from the CSV file that created. But it only enters name and employee number not the other fields.

The problem; In get row item. I know I specify the column name only for name and employe number. There should be some easier way to read data from each column without typing the column name right? How can I do that with get row though? I added my (86.4 KB)

I appreciate the answer.

int ColCount= dtTable.columns.count.

Your max column index for row should be row(ColCount-1).This way you can get all the col values 1,2,…colcount-1

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Thank you Vvaidya. I am not sure where do you put this though. I have 2 getrow items. So are you suggesting also changing the flow?

Please check this


Here I want to fetch single column at a time for different activity.So what changes needed in code? Means What if I want to display only Email in write line?