Reading Files in Folder

Hello amazing people,

I again call on you all for help.

I have a script that saves attachmentsfrom an email inbox into a folder called “not processed” It then uses the file and process things with it. After its done processing It moves the file into a folder called “Processed” i then want it to move onto the next file in the “not processed” folder. However, I get this error

“Read Range: Failed setting the current sheet to: Sheet1 in workbook: [filepath]. Original error message: The object invoked has disconnected from its clients. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010108 (RPC_E_DISCONNECTED))”

any help will be helpful (Obviously)


Hi @cody.barber,

which activity you are using Read range workbook activity or read range in excel application scope ?

An excel application scope. It works when i add a delay. but i don’t understand why

Ok the problem here might be excel is not able to open the file properly however when you are adding some delay it is getting the time to process the file fully, so thus go ahead and add a delay before your processing , might not effect your process much.


oh. Thank you for clearing that up.