Reading file name from folder in citrix environment

Hi team,

I am working with citrix environment and i need to read files name present in a folder. What is a proper way of doing it?

Thanks in advance

Hi @amit.chaudhary

Before using read range

use strarray=Directory.GetFiles(inputfilepath)

and pass the value in for each item

item in strarray

and check it with read range

Ashwin S

For each Loop
Str_Var = Path.GetFilename(Item.ToString)

Main.xaml (6.4 KB)
Check this workflow if this is what you are trying to ger
cheers @amit.chaudhary

Consider a scenario wherein i have to access a server on my computer. Now, when i try to access the server, it is not the main server that i am accessing, but i get an image of the screen of the server
i can’t use Directory.GetFiles in this scenario. it is virtual environment.

we can save file from citrix environment into our local folder

then you do the above steps

yes, That’s what my query was about. how to save it into local folder?
there could be any number of file present within folder and file extension not known

we can use copy file activity and mention the file path of citrix and other path for local destination