Reading excel - unstructured

I have an excel something like the belwo where the months are dynamic and they get created by the start date. This data isnt structured well & I was not able to read the months and get their range. Is there way on how to get the range of the months that are present in the excel and read the data below the last month in the excel?

Book1.xlsx (11.0 KB)

Hi @Sri_harsha_Bhasuru

You can read the range by simply specifying it in the Read Range activity properties like that:
This should only read the wanted range directly to your data table :slight_smile:

Hi @Sri_harsha_Bhasuru, since your months are dynamic, your starting point of the table is same. You could use “B3” as range.

Yeah that was perfect, would I get the last month excel reference like for May-18 it should get S3 and for another year it could be AA3

As long as its linked and a table structure is there, it should be able to :slight_smile: