Reading Excel and inserting in to MS SQL server db

Hi Folks,

Want to read an excel data and transfer it to the MS SQL server DB. Kindly help. Thanks


@Aslam_Nagarboudi Follow below link Instead of read csv use excel

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Cannot open the project, was developed in the older version of UI Studio. Please help

Many thanks

@Aslam_Nagarboudi what error you are getting


@Aslam_Nagarboudi Try once delete the json file in the folder and run . what is the version of the studio

ok , i will try that.

version : UiPAth Studio -beta.160 Community Edition

Deleted the Json, still issue persists .


Did you try installing the package UiPath.Database.Activites ?

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@PrankurJoshi : Thanks , installed UiPath.Database.Activites. And the error is no more. Thanks once again.

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Mine is showing this error. The following overload groups are configured: Existing Database Connection, New Database Connection. Only one overload group should have its arguments configured.

Only one of these, Existing Database Connection or New Database Connection is required.