Reading entire row of a DataTable

I have an excel file containing 3 entire rows (with six columns for each row).
I am using the Reframework to process the 3 rows (each row being a transaction number in this case). So I am Extracting the rows and save them in a dataTable. In Get Transation State I set a conditon : In_TransactionNumber< dataTable.Rows.Count. The dataTable is of rows “3” and the TransactionNumber is set to “0” since the index of my dataTable is “0”. I set up next a ForEachRow activity to read each row of my dataTable. The loop will be performed whenever the condition is fulfilled.
Transaction Item in our case is set as “string” and I am not using the queue mechanism.
How can I do to read each entire row of my dataTable before extracting elements of single columns? Because my goal will be to select each entire row each time we pass through the condition so as to use the retry mechanism of the Reframework in case of error.
Can Someone help Me?

some requirements are not clearm but it looks like you want to access rows independed from each row iteration.

YourDataTable.Rows(YourRowIndexAsInt) allows to access a particular datarow

Was it this information you are looking for?

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client - name - last name

I want to read at first run the first row and put in a variables. Client = 1 Name = mia lastName = contra.
When transaction number increased (2) do the same operations but assign client = 2 Name = Robert Lastname = Landon