Reading emails having RSA tokens

Has anyone leveraged RSA SecurID API EMAIL authentication to provide strong authentication for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Bots?

As RPA technologies continues to grow, bot accounts are becoming more widely used to access MFA protected resources. Since these are automated processes running, there are obvious challenges with MFA. I’m looking for a way to maintain MFA to applications, yet allow the RPA process to continue to access the resources through strong authentication.

I would like to integrate RSA token to open & Authenticate EMAIL . I’m looking to see if anyone has built anything to accomplish this scenario.

Hi @anon62075255

Try this

RSA SecurID authentication

For email authentication yare you using outlook


Thanks Ashwini, but I do not have soft tokens for this. We just have a device and trying to see if we can automate this by any way!

Any suggestions???