Reading emails from a shared mail box

Hi All,

I have a shared mail box, and I need the Bot to pick up unread emails which are not yet picked up by the bot, once process bot will mark them as read.
But there are multiple users accessing that shared mailo box, few users can mark emails as read which were required to be picked up by the bot, how can I pick those mails as well or prevent the emails to be marked as read so that they can be picked by the bot.


I don’t know if this is useful for you but you can try to read all emails(read/unread) then move them to the different folder that you create so read/unread situation won’t do any difference.

If it is not a valid solution for you, you need some identifier.

Hi @Ritika_Singh

in addition to @alitolak suggestion

you can create rules in the mail to filter out mails relevant to your process and configure bot to read mails only from that folder.