Reading e-mail attachment and forwarding specific texts to another email id

Hey guyz,
I have started new to Ui Path and was working on mail-parsing.
The required task is that I want to read an attachment(pdf /excel file) of an email, which will be forwarded to another email on the basis of a specific text.

Say attachment has x [textform] – forwarded to person A.
similarly for y-- forwarded to person B.
and z-- forwarded to person C.

How do I approach in this?


  1. First you need to download the attachment from mail.
  2. And then read text from file.
  3. Based on that text and send mail to corresponding person.

there will be “save attachment” activity and “send outlook message” activity if u want to send from outlook

hi @Rushi_Muni

  1. initially download the attachments…
  2. read the attachments and store it in one variable…
  3. perform if activity condition, with keyword contains
    for example : assume that , if an downloaded attachment X has any specific word in itself like “permission_letter” then , you can give a condition in **if activity be like =>if x contains(permission_letter)=>forward it in to the then segment using move or send mail message activity
    4)follow the above sequence for the remainings…
    hpy learning :grinning:

Hey all thanks for your help.
I am trying to read an IP address, in an attachment, however, the pdf doc contains both IP and URL. Though in the else condition I have given an URL for no match. Still its forwarding the URL content.

Would like to segregate IP and URL and then send to respective emails from the attachment.

- Logicflow
image - Sample file