Reading downloaded pdf and saving

Hello guys,

I have a pdf file with 100 page downloaded from a website by rpa and saving it in a folder.

Each page of the pdf file contain a unique number.

Now i want to validate some condition from a particular web site with the unique number.

If the condition satisfied RPA should search for that unique number in the pdf file which is downloaded and save that matched pdf page in a specific folder

So is there any way to solve the issue.


If the PDF is an text PDF then try as below

  1. Use Get PDF Page Count to get the number of pages, declare a variable as PDFCount
  2. Now declare a variable as int_loop and declare it as 1
  3. Use Do While Loop and write the condition as int_loop <> PDFCount
  4. Inside the Do While Loop use Read PDF Text and in Properties change Range as int_loop and declare a variable for Output in Text say it is
  5. Now you can use the above variable text to check your condition using IF condition
  6. If your condition is success then place Extract PDF Page Range and give the Range as int_Loop
  7. Else Leave the block blank
  8. increament the value using Assign int_Loop = Int_Loop + 1

Try this way

Hope this may help you


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