Reading differen emails one by one, and processing them one by one

Hello All,

I have to open the emails one by one , I want to process all those attached files for one single email

I have done the following…

1.The emails have attached .PDF files. i have to compare the values present inside the .PDF with an excel file…

If i keep the logic of above 2 also in the same sequence , then it will be problamatic later as the project grows.

Actually i have to use RE framework and do this…

At least please suggest me how to make this code in a good way


You can use TOP=1, and also can filterr the emails using that subject, so you dont need that IF…


After applying filter code din work
I want to read every day some 40 top , UNread emails only.

Applied Filter. for outlook.
still its code is same as below.
I want to come out of this - for each loop

well one by one you mean what then? filter is not like that, search the forum and you will find lot of examples. I dont understand then, what is your problem…

The Outlook dint get any email, after applying filter… I checked in debug mode

Okay i am checking filter syntax in google.

yesOne by one emails - so i may need to use state machine , instead of looping.