Reading csv file from config in Re Framework

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I have a doubt when choosing RE Framework as my template i have to do read input csv file by giving path in config.xlsx file and run this as step one

so how do I do all of this and what all to changes i need to do so that it runs properly

RE Framework is poorly designed, IMO, and is overkill for most automations.

Also, using a config file is tedious and unnecessary. Use arguments (parameters) instead. Simpler, no file to manage, no Excel file to read into your automation.


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Add CSV file path in config.xlsx under settings sheet as below.

Name - CSVFilePath
Value - “File path”

You can keep reading CSV file workflow after InitAllSettings workflow. We will assign entire config values to Config variable and it is of type Dictionary.

You can read CSV file like below.


Thank you, so like i initialise only in the InItAllSetting? and dont make a xaml file for it?


CSV file path will be read in InitAllSettings workflow. If you want to read data from CSV file then use Read CSV file activity to read it and it should be after InitAllSettings workflow.

I did the same then it gave me validation error like TransactionItem cant be changed from queue item to data row so i deleted this as well. Cause we arent using TransactionItem as of now
Could you show an example of this above?

Thank you


Could you please tell more details about your process. So that I can help you better.

I have sent you a message regarding the process

Thank you


Yes. I replied my comments there. Please look into it.

Hi @Shreya_Jain_IN,

if you are not using queues and want to use data table itself, you can utilize below re-framework sample project:

This shows what need to be done in get transaction state to read data from datatable instead of queue. (971.0 KB)

And changes that are required to be made to the re-framework are defined in below text document.
Changes for Re-framework(without queues).txt (1.0 KB)

Also sharing the video link below on same:

Re-Framework without Queues || Simple Way || With RPA Challenge Example


Thank you so much @sonaliaggarwal47

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