Reading cells from a table in a Java application

I’m working on a sequence to read the values from a table in a Java application. In other tables in this application, the cell UiElement object has a text value which I can read, but for some reason this one does not.

I have a selector that looks like this which matches one cell exactly in my table:

<java role='panel' tableCol='0' tableRow='0' />

As you can see, the text property, or anything else that might contain the string I’m expecting does not show.

I’ve tried using the “Data Scraping” function, which allows me to select the individual cell but shows the correct number of cells with no text inside them.

Whereas in the application itself both of those values are populated.The correct number of cells appears, just no values inside them.

The application is fairly old and written in Java. Are there any tricks I can use to pull out this data?

Thanks in advance

Here’s the image from the data scraping wizard. The forum wouldn’t let me upload two images in the same post.


Hi @Max_Woolf

How about Screen Scraping wizard with option to get Full Text?

Another idea, could you maybe paste the XML of the Data Scraping wizard? We might get something going from that. By changing the attr value you might be able to extract something.