Reading bot log in runtime


Is it possible to read the current job log while robot run?
I would like to perform some actions at the last steps of bot process when there are any warnings or errors in log.

@MaciejSartys Used massage activity

Yes, nothing like a gooood Massage in order to free your mind of any warnings and errors…

Jokes aside. Wouldn’t it be better to just capture errors and add them to a collection for example or a data table instead of reading the logs? I’m not sure if you can read the runtime logs (as they appear on the Output of Studio) but you can try to find them on the Log file (there should always be stored on the same folder and you could filter and find you current execution logs)

Thank you @RockSolid for your reply.
I know about the log file, but I was wondering if it is any “native” way to read the log from memory.
Collecting additional error and warning log in the datatable has a couple of downsides, for warnings you have to add it explicitly each time. Now imagine that you want to add it to an existing project, a complicated one, and you don’t know where are all possible warnings.