Reading address from ID Card using OCR

I have to search for the ‘address’ text in id card and fetch entire text starting with address. Is there any way to achieve this.
In the image, the full address should be read to some variable. Is there any way to achieve this?

By using get text with OCR activity in UiPath,
It will read the text in parallel format.
So it will mingle both English word and other Mother tough language word. Like this
Org image…

To Store the output value in a certain variable and using regex operation to separate only English Alphabet and store in separate variable.

I think this solution will Work…

Hoe that Reg Ex looks like. Any idea on that?
Thanks in advance.

Regular Expression(Regex) This is online regex Testing Tool,Once it will run use the code in your .Xaml File.

Regex.Matches(Regular Expression Code)

I think it will run…