Reading a new row from excel

I would like to ask if it is possible to read a new row inserted into excel sheet. For example, I have an existing script that reads the whole sheet but how do I make the script to read the new row inserted(eg. row 21) and run the script again from that specific row onward?

@etjl Can you please send your exel file?

It says i am unable to attached files

@etjl Ohk :sweat_smile: Can you read the exel File and output in Mesaage Box?

Nothing is showing in the message box

@etjl You cannot attach Screenshots too?

I can attach screenshots. The above is a screenshot of the excel file

@etjl Can you attach the screenshot of your workflow? :sweat_smile:

@etjl Show me the part where you read the file and Output the message box


First Read the Excel and store it in a Datatable Dt1
Get the Count of Rows Dt1.Rows.count store it in a variable count
Again after adding new Row give range from count+1

A Manohar

Hey @etjl,

I can suggest an approach - Hope it works …

  1. Read the Sheet using read Range and get the datatable
  2. Get the Row count of Datatable by using : datatable.rows.count . this will give you 20.
  3. Store the count in a count variable say : dtcount
  4. Again read the Excel and Set the Start Range to : A+dtcount+1 : This will give you A21.
  5. Read the range and Proceed further. .

P.S. : If you want to verify if new row is inserted or not before reading the data, you can always use the Row count to verify the same.