Reading 3rd mail in inbox using get outlook mail message activity

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I want to read 3rd mail of my inbox using get outlook mail message activity . Can anyone please guide me?Main.xaml (5.1 KB)

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After reading the outlook messages,

mailMessage = mailMessages(2) will return the third mail message.


The mail message that you are referring is the item of for each activity or the list of mail that we are storing in result in get outlook mail activity ?

mailMessage is a new variable of type mailmessage object.
mailMessages is the result from get outlook mail messages.

@KarthikByggari ,

I cant find a variable type as mailmessage object. Please see the screenshot attached capture

the 4th item is MailMessage object.
Create a type of MailMessage variable and assign as I told in the previous post.

@KarthikByggari when im printing the newly created variable in message box instead of showing the mail it shows the data type of the variable.Main.xaml (5.9 KB)
Attached is the xaml file

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Hi buddy @Rahul_Rama

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You were almost done and here you go with the xaml
third (10.4 KB)
Hope its resolved
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@Palaniyappan Thanks for the help . It worked

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Cheers @Rahul_Rama