Read/Write from directories that require access

Good morning, I’ve been testing a few bots recently that have a Read Range activity that picks up a file in one of our shared folders and I’ve run into something odd.

At first, I was under the impression that the bots weren’t using Windows Authentication to access any type of folder that needed higher access because when I was testing this bot with it’s eventual user, one who has access to this shared directory, it was failing at that Read Range activity. I am completely confident that all my syntax for the activity was correct so it must have been something with the access to that folder. This is weird because the person who was running it on their own machine has access, but the bot doesn’t seem to care. This is what I thought until this happened.

I’ve recently moved to developing on a VM instead of on my machine, I didn’t think much of it in terms of what I have access to. When I’m testing a different bot that has that same Read Range activity from a shared directory that requires higher access, I’m met with a “This workbook doesn’t exist.” I go into that folder to investigate only to find out the VM doesn’t have access to that directory. Now this process was working fine on my own desktop which would leave me extremely confused. My user does have access to this particular directory, and if this process was working fine there, does that mean the bot IS using Windows Authentication to read/write from access-only directories?

I’m torn here, on one hand, someone who HAS access to a directory ran the bot and the process failed. But on the other hand, we have my personal user having access to this directory running the bot and it works just fine. Is UiPath Studio/Robot using Windows Authentication to read/write folders?

I welcome any feedback because I am just completely lost

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I dont think the problem with the creds. Check if you have configured the path with your local drive?

Say for eg, if you have mentioned the filepath as “C:\Kyle\Filename.xls” it will not work from your VM. as it wont have that path in it. Might be a small thing, but many do this thing wrong.

Best practice is to either use a common share drive to read the file or the Data folder inside your code.
Dont have the clear picture which is on your end… but jus a small tip which can be checked.

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Both of the file paths are not local, they both reside within our DeptShares drive (G:). I did run into that issue on my VM earlier and handled it. I would be all for either opening up the access to that folder or just moving it to the Project folder but it’s not that simple for us unfortunately.

I’m working on getting access for my VM to those shared folders so maybe I can put this to bed once I find out if the process will work or not.

Then it should be a access problem only. As far as i know, script is not specific to window credentials. If you have your network access, the code should work. Make sure ur folder has access provision based on the ID or IP.