Read Workbook

Hello everyone,

The robot reads a file with each run and then checks whether there is still budget available.

The data is read correctly on the first run.

In the following pass, the marked value is not stored in the variable.

What could this be due to?

Many thanks in advance.




check the variables if there are any duplicates variables then also the value you will get as null
2.check the arguments mapping if you have used this in another workflow

or send the clear picture of what you are actually using


Only the marked value is not included in the variable in the second run, all other data is.


Set the Range as “A1” in your Read Range.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work. The values ​​in column B come from a calculation from another spreadsheet. Column B is formatted as text. The value from B2 is not adopted into the variable. What could be the reason for this?