'Read with filter' Excel addon Oledb

Hi ,

The input excel we receive from client has junk data(as it is being pulled from some other application) due to which we were not able to read the sheet using ‘Read Range’ (both excel & workbook). I am trying to use oledb to read data. So installed the custom package ‘Excel AddOn OLEDB’. The issue here is my input sheet starts from row 9 (i.e. A9). How do i specify the starting row index.


Hi @Visala_Ramanathan

Use Read range activity and mention range as “A9:D+DtTable.rows.count.ToString+”

Check this

Ashwin S

Only the starting row will be same for each input. It starts from ‘A9’. So without reading the excel, i wouldn’t be able to get the last column and last row index.

First check the column and row count based on that you can give the range value


Without reading the excel(using uipath), how can i define the range? is my question.

I cannot check for range each and every time as that differs from file to file.

Issue resolved.

Instead of using custom activities, i tried macro to delete rows after the last used row (i.e. row after non blank under ‘A’ column). After deleting the unused rows, I am able to read the excel.

Posting this here as this might help others.