Read Whole Excel Sheet but copy only specific Data into anothe Excel

I have data like this in first sheet


I want to copy only certain data into another excel how to do this ?

Final Output of Second Sheet


Edit : I tried using read range activity but somehow I want to read the whole first excel sheet and then from that datatable i want to copy certain data into another sheet

in general we would filter the data

From your sample there is currently no filter rule / requirement derivable. Can you elaborate more on this part?

To elaborate more. Suppose I have excel data like this


I want to copy the last three lines of this sheet and paste into some another sheet How to do this ?

Assign Activity

dtFiltered | DataType: DataTable =
YourOriginDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Skip(YourOriginDataTableVar.Rows.Count - 3).Take(3).CopyToDataTable

Ok Thanks so Suppose I have the Same Excel Data And I want to copy all the rows after Row No 2 and paste into other excel then how to do this ?


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