Read Web Table which has to scroll for all elements

Hi all,
we have a SAP Lumira application where we want to read some information out of a table. But the table is not complete visible, but we need all entries of the table to process. How can we read all entries of this table? Screenshot of the table is attached.

Thanks, Volker

Hi @Volker_Hofheinz1

sorry, I do not have access to SAP Lumira.
But have you already tried to work with the selectors?..there is also a SAP activity called “Table Cell Scope”…maybe it helps you.

Hi, thanks for answering, but with selectors it didn’t work. What I now checked is to select all items and read them from the textbox on the bottom and extract the numbers with regex. That should work, but I have some trouble to click on the box on the top and also to read the text box. I get always the message that the UI Element is not found. It works with single step in test activity but not by running the whole process.
Regards, Volker

Do you use the browser or the desktop app?
Did you try different UI-Frameworks?

Hi @Volker_Hofheinz1

Have you tried Data Scraping?