Read values from excel and open a browser


Im started learning RPA to automate my daily work.appreciate ur help here!
I need to read list of values from an Excel and open a browser by appending the value from excel to do some operations… How can I do that??


Hi @vadhav,
Use read range to read values from Excel sheet.
And next if you want to open the browser with url coming from excel , then use for each loop and take open browser activity ,call the row(column name or index) in the url section.
Let me know if you need more information!

Best Regards,
Santosh Pothina


Excel doesn’t have URL. Ex:


URL should be like… … Do some activity and open and goes on…


You requirement was not clear enough initially… I tried though :smiley:
Now,just concatenate row value with the URL specified.
Ex: “"+row("ColA”).tostring , put this in url parameter.



Thanks… LL try and keep Yu posted!