Read values from a graph of a dashboard using screen scraping with google OCR

I am trying to read values from a graph of a dashboard using screen scraping with google OCR.
However, I am facing 2 issues in reading the values:

  1. The font of the text is rather small and instead of “-2.3%”, UIPath is reading values as “72.3” or “E2.33”
  2. The position of the text is not fixed and text position changes with change in graph. (attached is the screenshot for ref.)Read%20text

I am able to resolve 1st issue upto some extent by using scaling but the solution is not 100% perfect, but for 2nd option I am not sure how to proceed.

Can someone please help?

Google Cloud OCR gives better results than Google OCR. Abbyy Cloud is also better than Google OCR.

For second problem, no idea at all. Is there some possibility to use scrape relative method? Is dashboard web based or is it desktop app?

Hi Erva,

Thanks for your reply.

The dashboard is web based. I tried relative scraping, but its not giving me desired result all the time. Unfortunately the size of graph changes vertically and there is no way to pre-determine the position of the text.

It it’s web based, can’t you use Get Text activity instead of OCR?

Sorry, I did not make it clear. There is an invisible rectangle object on top of the graph due to which UIPath is not able to pick up the element for me to perform get text activity.

Sounds complicated if you don’t have chance read number from anywhere else.

We have accounting app showing graphs in dashboard. Numbers what graph shows are more easily to get from reports what app can generate.