Read unstructured txt file to datatable

hi guys i want to read this unstructured txt file and convert it to datatable,

the column would be Name, Database Version, IP Address, Last visible Time, Type of operating system, etc.
example 1st row :
Name : EJK1KEUD28
Db version : 14/08/2017 06:50:10
IP address :
Type of os : Microsoft Windows 10
Agent installed : Yes
Network agent version : 10.5.1781
Application version :
Real-time protection status : Stopped
icon created : 17/01/2019 16:22:28

how can i achieve this ?

last visible time : 17 minutes ago

Hi @RobertoEwaldo,

Just a suggestion–>
I did something to capture data and write the required data to an excel.

Here is my unstructed text :

v ”“3351; om M , rum . w. ‘.‘V( vL nz- .wm’ m Timesheet mm Outm’nv + New Q Search” 38 g
6 ,> : Pewurce View
1" ’ SharmaDeep Timesheet
m ( January 13 to January 19. 2019 ) I
Work Sun 13 Mon 14 Tue 15 Wed 16 Thu 17 Fri 18 Sat 19 Total Complete Remaining Planned
Integration Services (M‘s) - 0008768
5 fl IR c VMS Access 3 ‘\ 8 h 16 h
Integration Services (NF) . 0008767
2 Q Mlgvatc ‘IBCO Scrvwcc; to Mulczoft 8 n 3 h 16 h
g f HR Maum: o n
Total 0h Uh Oh 8h ah all 0h 32’!
C4 Sclecfl’lcrk :4 Cl‘Jngrfil‘JM arr" same

and here is the data I’m capturing :


I’m doing this based on the alternate text beside the required string.
You can achieve this by writing a bit of VB code. If the format of the text never going to change, then you can use substring to get the required text by splitting the main string.

Apart from all these,
We have an option to read the text file line by line, and getting the first line, trim by the spaces (based on your conditions) and write it to a data table.

Hope this helps.