Read unstructured PDF files containing tables

I have to read a unstructured PDF document(invoices) containing tables. With read PDF text option I am not getting any delimiters or separators to distinguish between the table columns and rows. it is considering whole table data as a single row which is hard to decode.

I have around 150 PDF templates like this to be automated. if anyone having any idea on this, let me know.

I have a similar problem, tried all the options, not working.

Can you attach sample PDF.


Does your PDF have only tables or they consist of data also?

if only tables then you can check this thread.


Both data and tabular data…its an invoice.

Did you ever get any soluton to this? I struggle a lot with this right now.

No there is no direct way to get tabular data from an unstructured PDF in UiPath. We tried regex/string manipulation but as we had lots of invoices type, this was not a reliable solution.
Finally we used Abby Flexi Capture for this.

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ok Thanks…