Read unstructured csv file to datatable

hi guys i want to read this unstructured csv file and convert it to datatable,

the column would be Name, Database Version, IP Address, Last visible Time, Type of operating system, etc.
example 1st row :
Name : EJK1KEUD28
Db version : 14/08/2017 06:50:10
IP address :
Type of os : Microsoft Windows 10
Agent installed : Yes
Network agent version : 10.5.1781
Application version :
Real-time protection status : Stopped
icon created : 17/01/2019 16:22:28

how can i achieve this ?

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Hi @RobertoEwaldo,

Here in csv names & all field length is constant,Then we can convert first horizontal rows to vertical rows & see

can u tell me how ?

Hi @RobertoEwaldo,

Use regular expression & get the data,Then arrange data accordingly