Read the next excel inside for each row

Hi Team,

i Need the BOT to read the cells in column B inside for each row to read the next cell every time not the same

if i used this expression Excel.Sheet(“Sheet1”).Cell(“B2”) it will read the Cell B every time and if i removed 2 it will stop

Hi @omar_ismail ,

Could you let us know what is it that you are trying to perform ? There are some confusions from the Query asked so we can clear it first and then provide you with the appropriate suggestions.

i have an excel sheet and the column B contains some info so i need to get the B2 cell to use it then to get back and get the Cell 3 and so on cell 4

@omar_ismail ,

As we can observe you are using Modern Excel activities, you could also leverage the For Each Excel Row activity to loop through each row and get the corresponding column value.

Something in the below manner :

Maybe in your case, if you do not know the Column Name, we could use the Index like below :



Let’s say u have the datatable DT.
So you can try with for each row datatable



i need to get the cell in column B

@omar_ismail ,

You don’t need to use Read Cell Activity, you can directly leverage the Expression mentioned to retrieve the value.

i need as i am using it to fillter another excel sheet

@omar_ismail ,

As mentioned earlier, we provided the method to retrieve the cell values one by one as a loop, the latest requirement was left out.

Could we get a Confirmation on whether the first requirement and the solution suggestion is working as expected ?

the solution

CurrentRow.Item(“column name”)

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