Read the mouse over


I need to get the Title value which is available only if I do mouse over. Could you please suggest how to read this.

aaname for the title is also partial - ITIL (ITIL v3 : SC Mod 3 - RCV) : Release, Control & Validation*

Going with OCR based on screen position is not so reliable. Image is from dev, in prod the size of pop up may be big or small.

UIPath 2017.1 is the version I use

Hi there,

Just use attach window and indicate the whole window and from the window attaching container/scope itself use ‘Get attribute’ activity and in the attribute bar write “title” and get the title in a string variable.

Or you can use the following - follow this link :slight_smile:

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Hi Raghav,

Thanks for your response. This is web page popup. When I use attach window, I am unable to use only pop up in the attach window. Please check the below screenshot for the full window

Hi @Deeipauk

Seems like it is an iFrame in Flash application.

Indicate the whole window and see whether it has an SRC attribute, if yes, then you can directly use get attribute activity on the window title.

Use on element appear activity an as soon as it appears (active and visible) get the text.

Tell me whether it works. I have worked on a similar application for a client and it must be fairly easy if you need only the title. :slight_smile:


Hi Raghav,

Sorry I was in a training yesterday. I started looking into selecting the whole pop up in the UiExplorer, I got below issue. I am using Chrome


I was checking development tools in Chrome and I could find the full title over there , which is not visible in UiExplorer


Yes you are right. Flash is supported only in IE, switch to that.

Once you see that window you can use what I have told before. Are you trying to automate creating a learning Item from Quickbase through Mylearning?

Regards :slight_smile:

PS : Edit : it is always a safe bet to use IE - Stable - default supported

Hi Raghav,

I was busy with some other work taking up this issue now. I can’t switch to IE since its client requirement, they have issues when using IE. Could you please suggest me any idea that I can try to get this in chrome

Any ideas please share,