Read the latest mail form sender and download the attachment

Hi All,

I need to read the latest email from sender ( and after reading the latest mail download the attachment in D:\ Drive with sender name and project name ( XYZ\Barriers\attachment ) after that latest mail goes to one folder and remaining mails goes to another folder. Mail subject should be same for all mails.

Hi @nagesh_morampudi,
You can try to manage this like in below example. Of course it can be also Get Outlook Mail activity etc.

Hi @Pablito thanks for the reply,

After download the attachment that mail should move to processed folder and remaining mails with same sender and same subject will goes to unprocessed folder…
How can we do that?/

Hi @nagesh_morampudi, Try using Move IMAP Mail Message Activity and mention the Folder name Processed or Unprocessed. Thanks, AK

You have Move IMAP Mail Message activity which can be used like this for example:
or in the loop: