Read the Highlighted Text from PDF

I want to read a Highlighted Text from Pdf.

Please give me suggestions.

Thank you.

Hi @c.ciprian,

Yes, I search a lot but didn’t got any idea.

If you suggest the solution it would be a great help for me.

Thank you.

You could give the pdf or a sample. Your question lacks details so we can’t even try to offer a solution… Is it text? Is it image? etc…

Age_Declaration_Form.pdf (332.0 KB)

Please find the attached copy.

I want to read a highlighted Text from pdf. Highlighted text position is not fix.

Can you please give three possible values of the hilighted text ?

Also what is common in three values ?

Is it possible to give English equivalent of thé text instead of hindI ?(if possible)

I tried and it worked. No need to translation. Here are the steps.

  1. Add 'Read PDF Text" activity
    1.a point the Age_Declaration_Form.pdf
    1.b read the text to “textRead” variable

  2. Add “IsMatch” activity
    2.a. Input as textRead
    2.b. Pattern “पिली बार नया पंजीकरण”
    2.c. Result PahaliBarNaya ( Boolean)

  3. add If activity
    3.a. if PahaliBarNaya true, Print "FoundText (पिली बार नया पंजीकरण "
    3b. if PahaliBarNaya not true, Print "Did not find (पिली बार नया पंजीकरण "

Below is the complete sequence:

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I gave complete solution above. Hope it helps.

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