Read the data from PDF in different lines

I have to read 7 rows of data from PDF
in which I have to select row number and cat#: number
and paste it into an excel file

Thank You.

Steps -

  1. Read PDF activity to read the text from PDF which is stored into a string variable.
  2. Split the string by a new line into array of strings.
  3. For Loop i =0 < Array.Length
         → if Array(i).contains(“Cat #:”)
                 → Extract Cat # using Regex or string manipulation [the cat id length is 7]
                 → Extract row number → Array(i-2) [split the string by space, take the first value of array]

Note: (i-2) - because there is an empty line in between cat # and row number.

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Hi Karthik,
Thanks for the solution actually i am new to VB Script. I have tried but it’s not working…
Could you please share the solution if you don’t mind.

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I will send you the sample workflow.

Here you can find the attachment10244899-0000-.pdf (35.3 KB)

I will check this.

I have a similar problem. Can you help me?