Read the data from excel and populate in respective template

Hi friends,
I have a question for read the combined data in a single cell, and need to populate respective templates.
combined data cell contains (Arun, 176cm; 84KG, brown, tall, brown) need to separate and fill with his respective templates ex: (Name = ARUN, Height = 176CM, Weight=84KG) if its cannot read any other values in that cell have to display separate.

Kindly tell which activity can perform perfectly this…? have find and fill at least 60% of data.

first you split based on , and then loop through that string and add it to excel using add data row

Its have not only the (,) will comes with (: ; / special characters) and with or without space also. so its not reading properly.



U may use regex to replace all the special characters

system.text.regularExpression.Regex.Replace(n, “[^0-9a-zA-Z]+”, “”)
here “n” here n is your cell item/value.

Try it and tell me if this works.

After comes loop i cannot able to get the spited values to make my rules and paste it respective template cells

I tried first using regex only, but after loop cannot create my rules to get the spitted values to paste respective template.

what templates??

Sample.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Kindly find the attachment which is need actually from the first sheet for input and second sheet for rules and the third sheet for output.

Which activity is possible, at least make one rule can read and get data to fill in output.