Read text from Image Other than OCR Activity

Hi guys, could you help me to to find out how to read text from image using others than OCR Activity? Is there any other activity tht can read text from Image ??


We have one ERP application which look like Command prompt so for extracting data we have used get text activity extract text from the screens and use regex to get the exact text from the whole text. In your case you could use this approach if you don’t want use OCR.


hi thank you for the replied.
btw where and how can i get tht ERP Application?

No I told example how we have achieve automated to get text from images without using OCR. You no need to install any ERP application. Try for your images for the same method. Use get text to get the whole text from the images and use regex to get the particular Text from the whole text.


ohhh understand! i will try it out
Thank you so much for your help

Your most welcome.

Hi @ainaasyhda ,

You can use Computer Vision activities, CV Get Text activity. It may help you.

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