Read text from appearing window

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to read and save some text which is showing only when i move mouse over it?
For example im attaching image:

This is queue list from
As you can see I would like to take this time and save in my excel file.
Im thinking about selectors but i dont know if it is possible.

Many thanks!

@hover904902 Check attached file

hoverscrape.xaml (9.0 KB)

Thank you for your answer.

Is there any other option? I will process a lot of transactions and I want to get start/end time for each one.

@hover904902 Lets wait for others reply who knows more about this

I have made few modification to the xml attached by Indra. While the xml which I have upload is for a single task.
You can modify it to for list of elements by using aname(use a variable) attribute in the selector.
jQuery.xaml (9.7 KB)

Hope it was useful

Thank you, now i know what to do!