Read text files from specific subfloders

I have a main folder that contain subfolders with text files.
I need to read only specific subfolders(a506,a324,b5543,t55) at times from a given list (d445,a506,a324,y6635,b5543,t55,h7732) and search(typeinto) text files of that subfolders into webrowser accordingly.
The main folder may contain 5 subfolders at times or 6 subfolders or maybe all subfolders from the given list i.e (d445,a506,a324,y6635,b5543,t55,h7732). So i need to iterate through the given list of subfolder and check if it the first subfolder is present and search text file into web and repeat same process for whole list of subfolders
Can someone help me to read text file from these subfolders under condition that is mentioned.
Rightnow i am able to read all subfolders and text files.

Hi @afzaal0555


this will get you the text files from all the subfolder

YourPath- Your main Folder Path


Sorry you want only the specific folders?

I am able to read all text files from subfolders. The problem is that i need to check if the subfolder from the given list of subfolder is present and if it is present then read text file from it and search into web and repeat this procedure for whole list

yes. I need to read specific subfolders

Steps to be followed

  • With these two you can get your solution my guess

  • Your condition will something like this?

Hope it helps you



Thankyou sir. My problem is sorted out.

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That’s Great

Happy Automation…

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