Read text file.xml file it is being used by another process

Suggest a method to overcome this error

Hi @Gopikrishna_S

Are you trying to open any xaml file using UiPath Studio , please try closing the file and run the Automation.


Hello @Gopikrishna_S

You can use the Kill process or stop application to close the existing session of the file as the first step…
Then try to open the file in the workflow, it should work.

Meanwhile trying to kill the xml file using kill process I got this error

Screenshot 2022-06-21 095356

manually are you able to kill it from task manager?

But it have to be done by bot inbetween the process

No…it has to be done by robot only…Just to cross-check i asked to kill it manually. As per the error which you shared, it mentioned some access issues.

yes Its done it maualy its working fine