Read text file: where I can find the dll that contains it?

Hi Guys!

I’ve I weird questions about activities, but I hope someone could help me. :slight_smile:

I saw that the activities are stored inside a . nupkg file, which contains a lot of . dll files. So I guess the activities I could use in Uipath Studio are taken from those libraries.

So I tried to find where “read text file” activity is stored.

In the folder %Appdata%Local%Programs%Uipath%Studio%Packages I saw the package “Uipath.system.Activity.nupkg” package, which I think is the one that contains the activity I’m looking for.
I open it and I found a “Uipath.System.Activity.dll” library, but when I disassembled it I cannot find the activity “Read Text File”.

Did I miss something? :frowning:

Could someone clarify me? Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

HI you can always use invoke code to make your own custom activity


ReadTextFile class exists in UiPath.System.Activities.dll.
BTW, disassembling may violate the terms of use, so it’s best not to do it, i think.


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You are definitely looking the right direction and right DLL.

But I newer try disassemble a DLL so I do not know what might be the output of such process.

Good luck!

Hi @Yoichi, many thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Thanks for advising me. I would only understand something deeply about Uipath, but maybe it is better if I give it up.

Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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