Read Text File to load using LINQ

Hi Uipath,

Could please advise what exactly we can assign LINQ code for Reading Text file? I am trying to make code but Its not working.

Variable FileSource as String

Awaiting for your response


the validation issue is a little bit surprising as another issue was expected. But kindly note: Split is not a method from the returned datatype that Split is producing

in case of you would like to split each line by | give a try on following:

File.ReadAllLines(“xxx”).Skip(5).Select(Function (x) x.Split("|"c)).toList

Also have a look on the read csv activity as the Pipe Character | can be used as separator char as well

Also I would suggest to have a look on the line breaks for each line, maybe your scenario requires some cleansing on this as well

Hi @ppr,

Thanks for your reply and provided Code. however its not working. Please let me know if we should use Variable as string or string or List [String] to link the code?

the code line is returning a list of strings() - List(Of String())