Read specific xml data

I can’t read this data consecutively

20601762219-01-FP11-34.xml (13.3 KB)
I can’t read the term “cbc: note” for each one, I read the other data perfectly
Is there any way to read this data that I mentioned, thank you very much

have a look here. Sample code is showcasing on how to read XML in case of NameSpace Info is present

Thank you very much for answering, I know how to read xml with “xnamespace”, my problem is that as that entry “cbc: note” has 5 the same as you can see, and used the “for each” to extract that data and you can’t just I throw the first data, I would like to know how I can read that data that I mentioned, thank you very much

I can offer you my Support, but im not Sure if got U in total. I will Check later. Any additonal or expected Sample Output Data are welcome

OK more clear now

ok help me, did my workflow happen to you or how?

Last Post i Had written in the train i will have a Look on IT in the hotel after having Had my Dinner. Maybe you can Share Ur xaml or Code parts as well.

Ensure U dont have upper lower Case typos in the element Name.

I understood so far. Retrieval of cbc:Note textData is failing. Right?

Exactly only the first term of “cbc: Note” reads me, but then the others that are equal terms do not read it.
in any case I pass a “ZIp” from my xaml file

I did setup a sample XAML and you can run it standalone. Just rewire the path to the XML file.
XAML: borismh.xaml (10.2 KB)

I tested two aproaches: Descendends, Elements Methods and both were running fine retrieving all Values:

So just crosscheck my code against your code. In case of you are using Element methods ensure you are using Elements method, as you want to retrieve multiple Note elements.

Let us know your feedback and flag the post with solution once the issue is solved

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thanks, I solve my problem

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