Read specific Sender from multiple entries in txt file


(1) My txt file looks like this:


For a known unique number (in green) I need to get a sender name (in blue), which can be in 1-3 lines.

(2) At the beginning of this txt file there is a table with all specific unique numbers in a file. I would like to delete this table → i.e. delete all text in a file before first occurence of text “Post:”.

Thx for any suggestions.

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For the first one, One of the possible solutions is to regex the text between the Unique number and the word Receiver:


Then, use a regex to get all text after Sender: (In the result variable from above)


For the second one, use the Same Regex to get all text after Sender, but change the word to “Post:”

Use these functions in the assign, as this example:


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@Lucas_Capalbo great thx! I like your way of thinking.

For the second. The table is before the text in picture above.
So, now I am thinking, I might replace substring of all text from 0 to “Post:” with blank.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi @Lucas_Capalbo


is not working :frowning:

There are many “Receiver:” in the text. Might be the reason?

Yes, sorry

Please, Try this one instead:

I’ve just added ‘?’ inside ([\S\s]*)

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