Read specific region in PDF - how to get text positions

Hello Friends,

I found the “Read text from specific Region” activity. Do someone know where I can get the related information: “height”; “width”, “x”, “y”?

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I guess it will be indicated screen region coordinates.

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Unfortunately there is no “indicate region” function available - I think its just possible to insert the information manually. The only problem is how I can get the necessary data.

You can get the value of dimensions by pressing ctrl+d once after opening the pdf file
where it will be in inches dimension and we can change to our dimension we need
Cheers @NMC

Thanks for your answer! Thats helpful if you want to mark a whole page - but I need the data from a specific region within the page
Cheers Nico

Hi, Can you pls advise how to know X, Y, height and width? I tried to relate height and width with page size (8.46 X 12.01 inches) but it did not work.

X and Y seems to be coordinate but how to know the maximum corodinates in one page?