Read SMTP and download attachments problem

Dear all,

recently i encountered a problem with reading SMTP mail and download attachments. Background: we are not using outlook so any outlook activities cannot be used.

As you can see from the following screen shots. This is a message that i got forwarded from our external supplier. However, when i try to read the “sender”, “main body” and try to download the attachments from it, UiPath returns errors

Sender → object reference not set to an instance of an object
Main body → empty
Attachments → no attachments found

And when i try to forward the email using send SMTP message. Only a part of the email will be forwarded. However, if i try it manual, the whole message with the attachments are forwarded correctly.

I’m wondering whether anyone has come across the same problem and can help me out. thanks a lot!


check whether its geting mail with attachment or not
use a writeline activity and mention like this inside the for each loop activity
If its true then its wrking fine

Dear Nikhil, please read my post. no attachments can be found although there are attachments.

Can you refer this post

This type of Problem might occur , Hope this helps