Read row in excel for specific word, copy cell above it and paste depending on date in title


I have excel files in folders. Every sheet has a row of codes and then totals above it.

These sheets are by the week. I want to open each sheet, read the row with the codes, then copy and paste the cell directly above it depending on the date in the title (or a specific cell, whichever is easier)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you give an example set of data and its format?

In row ten I need to search for the cell extra then check if row 11 is blank, if it isn’t I need the value from row 9

Still not following…

I think what you are saying is this… Check row 11 for a blank, if not found then produce row 9?

What does this mean?

Sorry for the poor descriptions, see attached example.

I want to copy the numbers in rows 9 and 10 if row 8 contains the word extra then transpose the data with the date in G5 next to it.Search Example.xlsx (75.5 KB)

See below, sorry for the poor descriptions