Read Report values for the given reference


What is the use case

This use case to validate the various report values from web / excel report. Basically in some finance domain back office the agent use to validate the sales report value(source) with other report values(destination) and finally approves to show to stake holders.Most of the case the report structure is fixed and rarely changes.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

  • Providing the custom activity / template with the input as report path and name, values to be read (Cell reference and sheet name in datatable format)
  • The activity / template will return the values as datatable.
  • With this activity it is quick and read the values, the datatable can be used finally to validate the values. Even there be an custom activity to validate this values and get the response as boolean. This way it will help to reuse the steps on reading the reports in multiple use cases. In other way the solution is to extend the excel scope activity and read range activity to read the values for the given cell reference if the report is excel only.


Custom Activity
Reusuable Component